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It’s time for some Spring cleaning and that includes your HVAC system!

There’s no better way to start the spring season then with a clean home. One way to keep you home free of bacteria and pathogens and automatically sanitized, is with an Air Scrubber. This unit is installed to directly to your duct work and provides many benefits, like:

  • Provides 24/7 surface decontamination and air purification
  • Reduces allergens and other contaminants
  • Installs directly into existing ductwork
  • Protects your heating and cooling system from potential buildup

Most people don’t think about how their HVAC system can affect allergens in the home, but Spring time is a big allergy season and properly maintaining your HVAC system and air ducts along with the air scrubber can help to significantly reduce allergens in your home.

We, at Finish Line Home Services, want to make sure your heating and cooling system are properly maintained. We can install an air scrubber into your existing ductwork, or if your system is due for an upgrade, we’ll install the air scrubber FREE during the month of April (2023). We pride ourselves on making sure our customers are educated on they HVAC system and can make an informed decision, so check out these scientific facts about the air scrubber for yourself:

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